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City-County Building Use

The City-County Liaison Committee is designated by the County Board and Common Council as managing authority for the City-County Building. The Committee may permit the City-County Building to be used by any governmental body or official, or any non-profit, fraternal, religious, political, or veteran's organization for the purpose of governmental business, public meetings for the free discussion of public questions, or for activities of a broad public purpose if such use:

  1. does not interfere with the primary use of the building as determined by the Committee or its designee;
  2. does not unduly burden the managing authority;
  3. is not a hazard to the safety of the public or of City or County employees, or detrimental to the building, as determined by the Committee or its designee;
  4. does not expose the City or County to the likelihood of expenses and/or damages which cannot be recovered.

The applicant for such use shall make written request to the City-County Liaison Committee thirty (30) days in advance of the anticipated utilization of the building through the County Clerk's Office.

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